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Kaiserdom Alcohol Free 0.0% Lagers Mixed Case Lemon/Pink Grapefruit/Lager 24 x 500ml cans

A mixed case of Kaiserdom's famous zero alcohol lagers, 24 x 500ml cans and 3 packs of our pub style peanuts!

8 cans -of Kaiserdom Lemon is a zero alcohol beer from Hamburg. Made from alcohol free unfiltered beer (alcohol free) mixed with a lemon drink containing real lemon juice and lemon grass extract. Very popular in Germany and the surrounding areas, this style of drink is refreshing and provides a variation from a more traditional alcohol free beer.

8 cans of  KAISERDOM LAGER 0.0%, a German Alcohol-Free Lager that upholds the country’s esteemed beer culture while catering to the growing demand for non-alcoholic options. This 0.0% ABV lager delivers all the classic characteristics you’d expect from a traditional German lager – a clean, crisp taste with a smooth malty finish, yet without any alcohol content. It’s an excellent alternative for those who wish to enjoy beer during any activity or time of day without the effects of alcohol.

8 cans of Kaiserdom Pink Grapefruit - The perfect balance of sour grapefruit and fruity wheat beer makes the Pink Grapefruit wheat beer mix a unique taste experience at 0,0% vol. alcohol. Made from 50% yeast wheat beer and 50% grapefruit soft drink."


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