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Polish Canned Beers Mix 2 - Specjal - Namyslow - Kasztela Jasne - Lomza - Perla Export - Lech Pils 24 x 500ml

Try our mixed case of genuine Polish Beers with some of your favourite pub snacks!

4 cans of SPECJAL a regional beer from the Elbląg Brewery, brewed using ingredients from suppliers in the region. The rich, noble taste and clear bitterness make SPECIAL valued in northern Poland for years. This is the True Taste of the North. ABV 5.8% 

4 cans of Namyslow Pils - This beer is based on traditional production methods, such as open fermentation vats, which the brewery maintains and cherishes to make it unique in its taste. PILSA packaging also refers to the tradition of the Namysłów Brewery, its regional character and the authenticity of its origin. 

4 cans of Kasztelan Jasne Pelne - Brewed on the basis of Sierpc Brewery's brewmasters' proficiency and know-how, Kasztelan Premium Light is a treasure from the Sierpc region. The beer has a harmonious flavour bouquet with a subtle bitterness and a pleasant hint of malt grain. ABV 5.6%

4 cans of Lomza Export - It’s a traditional all-malt lager with 5.7% alcohol and is brewed in Poland from only three carefully selected ingredients: water, barley malt, and hops. It’s a light-bodied beer brewed by slow fermentation and matured under refrigeration. It has a delicate and smooth taste. It’s recipe was created in in 1968.

4 cans of Lech Pils-  this a beer that is particularly popular in the Wielkopolska region. It is a pale pilsener-type, beer brewied with crystal clear water and special selected varieties of bitterness and aromatic hop. The result is a beer with a crisp, distinct pils taste and a lemony aroma. 5.5% ABV

4 cans of Perla Export - A refreshing beer which is the result of the traditional methods of production and the newest solutions used in the brewing industry. It has a characteristic, definite taste, a golden color and the subtle smell of the aromatic hop plants. ABV 5.2%


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