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Chang Classic Lager 24 x 330ml Bottles

The taste of Chang Beer's unique golden brew is created through a time honoured brewing process and a selection of the finest ingredients the world has to offer - from the deep-water wells of Thailand to the finest yeast and hops the rest of the world has to offer. Chang Beer has a pleasant full flavour, with a subtle fruit and hop aroma, delivering a natural easy-to-drink brew. The barley specially selected for Chang has a low level of protein, to give our lager its bright, golden clarity.
  • Extracted from over 200 metres below the ground in Thailand, our deep-water wells provide us with a soft water that is not only low in mineral content but completely free of contaminants.
  • Our malted barley is imported from the finest fields throughout Europe and the USA. Gives Chang its full-bodied flavour & light golden appearance.
  • The micro-organism responsible for fermenting the beer, the yeast used in Chang Beer has been carefully chosen for its smoky, herby and fruity aromas.
  • Hops are flowers of a perennial vine that add flavour to the beer and balance the sweetness of the malt.
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