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Helles Mixed German Beer case 12 x 500ml Bottles + snack packs

3 Bottles of Schneider Bayrisch Hell - Schneider's Bayrisch Hell: as pristine, characteristic and pure as its homeland, Southern Bavaria. Brewed with 100% Bavarian ingredients and handcrafted in the traditional method - by the sixth generation of the Schneider brewers family. Its straw-yellow colour is as impressive as its balanced, refreshing and highly drinkable aroma with a subtle malty body and flowery hop aromas. A Helles as it should be - or: a real Schneider's. Cheers!

3 Bottles of Ayinger Helles - Ayinger Lager Hell is the typical every day drink in Bavaria. Together with wheat beer this Muenchener Hell style is the most famous beer style in the Bavarian south.

As people in Bavaria are very demanding as far as their daily drink is concerned the brewers are very aware of the necessity to brew a yellow-golden beer with a light malt taste. It is crisp, smooth and mellow. A perfectly balanced taste and aroma

3 Bottles of Schlenkerla Helles - Though most smoked beers now use modern gas or electric heating methods, Schlenkerla have held tight to the skills developed by generation after generation of brewers, making their Rauchbier one of the last old-style brews on the market.

Brewed with aroma hops from the area around Nürnberg, Schlenkerla Helles Lagerbier is lagered underneath the brewery and fermented by the same yeast as the historic smokebeer. A subtle smokiness without using smoke malt makes Schlenkerla Helles Lagerbier unique in the Bavarian style.ABV: 4.3%

3 Bottles of Augustiner Helles - Augustiner Helles is a classic Munich light lager. Very crisp and fresh with notes of citrus and hops, leading to a sweet malty finish. It has been affectionately described as 'liquid bread'. This brewery was founded in 1328 by Augustinian monks, finally acquired by the Wagner's in the early nineteenth century, it continues to be owned privately and has been a key member of the Oktoberfest since 1903.

 + 3 packs of your favourite pub style snacks!

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